Application Development
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Application development

We carry out the development of applications with turnkey projects where we cover the entire value chain of the product, from the definition and the technical and functional conception, to its production and evolution over time. Our multidisciplinary team is oriented to assist clients to audit, evaluate and propose aspects related to the quality and security of existing software by the client.


Web app development

Our web applications offer a wide range of functionalities, adapting flexibly to any device. We provide an optimal user experience by allowing access to services and tools from any web browser.

  • Global accessibility
  • Centralized updates
  • Platform independent
  • Flexible scalability
  • Business application development

Mobile app development

We develop intuitive and efficient mobile applications for multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. We provide users with quick and direct access to a variety of services and tools, taking full advantage of the capabilities of their mobile devices.

  • Mobile-optimized experience
  • Access to device features: camera; GPS; notifications
  • Availability in app stores
  • Offline interaction
  • Business application development

Web application development

In our approach to web development, we are committed to offering a complete solution, covering both frontend and backend, using efficient databases and following DevOps practices to ensure smooth and reliable delivery of applications:


We develop the visual part and the user interface of web applications. We use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create an interactive and engaging experience for users.


We develop the part of the web application that deals with the processing and behind-the-scenes logic. We handle client requests, access the database and create the business logic. We use languages such as Java, Python, PHP, among others.


We develop and manage structured information storage systems. We use databases such as Oracle, MySQL and MongoDB to store, retrieve and manipulate data efficiently in web applications.


We develop practices and use tools that unite our development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams to improve collaboration, continuous delivery and process automation in the software development lifecycle. Our goal is to achieve fast and reliable application delivery.

Mobile application development

In our mobile application development service, we provide complete and highly effective solutions for mobile platforms, such as iOS and Android. Our goal is to deliver smooth and engaging user experiences through intuitive mobile applications.

Native applications

  • Developed specifically for a particular platform, such as iOS or Android.
  • Use programming languages and tools recommended by each platform such as Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.
  • They offer optimal performance and deep integration with the operating system.

Aplicaciones multiplataforma

  • We work on different platforms, such as iOS and Android, using a single code base.
  • We develop using hybrid frameworks such as React Native or Flutter.
  • We also provide a native look and feel and performance, using web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.




We offer intuitive user interfaces that facilitate smooth interaction and navigation within applications.

Third-party integration

We facilitate the integration of our applications with popular external services, such as social networks, payment systems and third-party APIs, thus expanding the functionality and interoperability of our applications.

Custom development

We allow for customizing the user experience by adapting the applications to the individual preferences of each company.


We design our applications with a focus on scalability and updateability, allowing us to implement improvements and fixes efficiently to ensure optimal long-term operation.


AI Integration

We use Artificial Intelligence to offer advanced functionalities, such as personalized recommendations and virtual assistants.


Data security is paramount, especially when it comes to regulatory frameworks and customers’ personal information. Our developments comply with current security conditions in multiple geographies and with different legal requirements.


Data analysis

We offer integrated data analysis tools that enable companies to obtain valuable insights into user behavior.


We carry out projects through the Agile Methodology, allowing for the reduction of project development timelines, enhancing efficiency in the execution of tasks and activities to be developed. With this methodology, the aim is to deliver value incrementally, fostering teamwork and conducting short cycles of inspection and adaptation, adding functionality in each iteration.

We follow a management model that evaluates the capability and maturity of the organization’s software processes, establishing an organizational culture for software development, improving productivity, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Quental is certified by ISO 33000: Level 3 (CMMI) in Software Lifecycle Process Maturity.

Tipología de servicio

Closed Projects

We carry out full lifecycle projects while maintaining a commitment to quality at each stage. To achieve this, we implement and update swiftly, securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

ANS Service

Service Level Agreement. There is a baseline level of service commitment. The hours dedicated are accounted for in a pool of hours that are invoiced monthly  

Technical Assistance

We offer a comprehensive service of support, corrective and evolutionary maintenance of applications, version adaptation, performance optimization, deployments, and security. We select profiles to maintain our developments that can be managed by the client.

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