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Computer Vision

Computer Vision is transforming the business world by enabling task automation, improving efficiency and productivity, and facilitating data-driven decision-making based on visual information

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is one of the core areas of application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) aimed at creating solutions that enable enabled applications to acquire, process, analyze, and understand images in such a way that a computer can perceive and comprehend these images and act accordingly in a given situation

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Where can it be applied?


The applications and benefits of using Computer Vision are numerous, highlighting these examples:


It is possible to locate everything from protective elements on individuals to facilities using satellite photos.


Through enabled cameras, it is possible to monitor personnel within a controlled environment to determine entry to restricted areas, the amount of time spent in the location, and the number of people within it.


By analyzing up to thousands of images per hour, anomalies can be detected, and cells, fibers, or any other elements can be identified, classified, and counted. This analysis can even be performed in real-time.


Through thermal cameras and other spectrums, it is possible to analyze and detect defects in industrial facilities and machinery of all kinds.


It is possible to classify objects into different levels of deterioration or maturity to discard them on a production line in real-time or in batches, massively. This is achieved by applying Deep Learning to image detection.



Anomaly localization to focus predictive maintenance efforts on areas of greatest need, thus helping to plan work orders in the plant.


Damage localization and classification of their level, to identify the components that make up the damage for subsequent automation of repair cost assessment.


Automation of distance measurement between 2 objects, to check if it complies with regulations or measure the volume of cargo in a truck.


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