Data management

Improved decision making with Business Analytics

Our Business Analytics experts provide you with the tools that help you leverage enterprise data to make better business decisions.

Business Analytics

Quental provides its clients with the necessary tools to leverage enterprise data to make better business decisions.

We facilitate the understanding of business results, which allows the identification of trends, patterns and anomalies and their subsequent analysis.

Our experts

Our experts find behavioral patterns in data sources and transform them into useful information for the company.

This gives you a competitive advantage by predicting potential threats and opportunities and planning, budgeting and forecasting resources in an informed way.

Mach Lab

In Quental we have a great team of technical and human professionals adapted and trained, thanks to the demanding projects and objectives of the laboratory that perform tasks and activities of analysis, development and quality assurance processes.

The elements that currently make up this Mach Lab are:

Data Lab Unit

It is in charge of developing the data extraction processes.

Match Learning Unit

Allows to carry out all the tasks of preprocessing, transformation, matching of variables and units with model training, adaptation and deployment in production.

Support unit

Infrastructure and integration of components for the administration, configuration and adaptation of systems, work frameworks, access management and platform coverage.

testing unit

Quality assurance metrics and processes are established for all existing program units across the entire development and production platform.

Support unit

Digitization and recording services