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Knowledge Mining:
Convert your data into Intelligence

Knowledge Mining

The information generated every day in the business environment grows exponentially, accumulating unstructured data from which it is difficult to extract value.

Knowledge Mining & Technology

Thanks to Knowledge Mining, we have within our reach an innovative technology that allows us to sort information from all types of documents and, in addition:


Information from all types of documents and formats, whether images, videos, audios, automatically the language and with the ability to translate it if necessary.


Any type of generic entity such as names, brands, dates, companies, cities, countries, or specific to each business. You just need to train it properly


Knowledge with cognitive skills such as language recognition, translation between different languages, extraction of key phrases, feelings or intentions within the text


We work with the most innovative technologies and tools on the market, ensuring the digital transformation that your company needs and adapting to the specific needs of your company.