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Our methodology at Quental

At Quental we follow the agile philosophy; we apply the Scrum methodology, based on iterative and incremental work; through short iterations of less than a month we make functional deliveries that provide value from the first moment. The set of deliveries makes up an “incremental” that will always be focused on the prioridades de la empresa.


Our Quality commitment to our clients in the development projects of complete life cycle is guaranteed by the standards followed, corresponding to the ISO 33000 Level 3 certification (CMMI) Software Life Cycle Process Maturity.

We take care of the service management of your systems with a methodology in which we apply the standards of the ITIL / ISO 20000 certification (Information Technology Service Management System Certificate). In the field of Security, our standards are those contemplated in the ISO 27001 certification (Information Security Management System Certificate) and in the ENS (medium category) – Certificate of Conformity with the National Security Scheme.