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Service description

SalesForce is the best-selling CRM in the world. A comprehensive solution for managing all interactions with current and potential customers, designed to help organizations grow and achieve success.

Salesforce includes the following technologies:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Einstein 1 platform
  • Commerce Cloud
Salesforce Quental

Use cases

Quental Salesforce

Sales cloud

Uses of Artificial Intelligence for Sales Improvement through Automation of Processes and Management Tools. It offers key features such as opportunity management, accounts, contacts, and leads, providing intelligent real-time information to drive sales team productivity.

Quental Salesforce

Service Cloud

Enables comprehensive tracking of all customer interactions, including technical support, call centers, chatbots, and field services. With key features such as call center management, technical support cases, omnichannel service, and chatbots.

Quental Salesforce

Marketing Cloud

Maximizes lead generation and communication efficiency by integrating generative artificial intelligence throughout the customer lifecycle. With key features such as marketing automation, lead nurturing, Customer Data Platform (CDP), and personalization.

Quental Salesforce

Einstein 1 Platform

Develop external and internal business applications to integrate with your CRM, without the need for coding knowledge. With everything in one place, it allows you to equip your employees, satisfy your customers, and optimize workflows.

Quental Salesforce

Commerce Cloud

Optimize growth and transform the customer journey. This artificial intelligence-powered e-commerce platform integrates reliable data and CRM, enabling increased online sales. It offers personalized shopping journeys, fosters loyalty across various channels, and improves conversion rates.