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Service description

Standards and legislations require defining a cybersecurity strategy. Therefore, a constant process of assessing the security of different assets within a company is necessary.

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Compliance with PCI DSS for the protection and handling of banking data.

• Compliance with the NIS-2 standard (Mandatory as of October 2024) for the forecasting and planning of cybersecurity strategies.

• Compliance with various ISOs, such as 27001 for information security management systems.

• National compliance with the ENS.


• 60% of SMEs that suffer a cyberattack disappear within 6 months afterward.

• 57% of self-employed individuals and businesses that cease their activity in Spain do so due to a cyberattack.

• Cyber insecurity ranks among the top 5 major global threats for the next 2 years.


Use cases


Understanding the overall state of the infrastructure is crucial for maintaining an organization’s security. Therefore, our vulnerability management service is ideal for enhancing global security.

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To keep the organization safe from security breaches and potential attacker entries, it’s essential to understand the infrastructure and possible entry points. Our intrusion tests provide a detailed understanding of the attack vectors that an internal or external attacker might use to compromise the organization.

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Today, all organizations rely on various web, cloud, and mobile platforms for information management, services offered to customers, and internal processes. Having control over the security of these platforms is necessary to prevent security breaches. Our auditing service provides an insight into the security status of these applications.

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Social engineering exercises, awareness, and training The weakest link in organizations can be the employees, which is why we provide various social engineering exercises, awareness, and training to create a cyber-secure environment in your organization.

Technologies and Certifications

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