IT infrastructure services
We ensure that your systems are always in an optimal state.

Support and maintenance of IT infrastructures

We guarantee the availability, stability, and security of your company’s information technology systems. Quental focuses on providing high-quality services to ensure the proper operation of computer systems, including hardware, software, networks, and servers.

We have a team of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in the sector, who are responsible for providing technical and personalized advice to our clients, offering solutions tailored to their specific needs, and always seeking to optimize the efficiency of the IT infrastructure.


Monitoring of IT infrastructures

At Quental, we understand the importance of monitoring your systems to ensure access and availability to your company’s services. Therefore, we take care of continuously monitoring the relevant parameters of your infrastructure, conducting regular reviews and analysis to detect incidents and anticipate potential failures.

We provide ongoing surveillance and support to your users, achieving immediate and effective assistance, and if necessary, creating a report to address critical situations.

Windows monitoring

Linux monitoring

Server monitoring

Application monitoring

SNMP monitoring

Log monitoring

Security of IT infrastructures

We protect and guarantee the privacy of your company’s systems and data. Quental’s approach focuses on implementing comprehensive and effective security measures to prevent the exposure of confidential information and prevent potential cyberattacks.

We identify threats and implement preventive and corrective security measures, ensuring that our clients’ systems and data are protected at all times.


We work with the most innovative technologies and tools on the market, ensuring the digital transformation your company needs and adapting to its specific requirements.