Internet of Things
Cloud Supply Chain Platform

Industry 4.0 Solution

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the interconnection of devices over the Internet, enabling greater collection and analysis of real-time data. It allows companies to make more informed, data-driven decisions about their infrastructure, assets, and personnel, thereby increasing their efficiency and profitability. We offer a comprehensive Track & Trace solution called WiseTrace, which enables the tracking, monitoring, and control of various assets worldwide wirelessly and in real-time.



What do we do?

Our intelligent platform, encompassing both AIoT (AI + IoT) software and hardware, securely manages end-to-end data quality and quantity. It transforms data into SMART Insights, automating decisions within customer supply chains.



Locate and measure any critical asset and/or person anywhere.


Real-time monitoring.


Full visibility of the entire supply and value chain.


IoT devices and sensors create the data and communicate it instantly.


The information is displayed through reports, maps and indicators.


Notifications and alerts for complete control of the full supply chain.

Every detail of your assets in real-time

At WiseTrace, we leverage the Parent-Child hierarchy to establish seamless connectivity among IoT devices, ensuring efficient monitoring of asset locations and statuses as they traverse the supply chain.

Our solution

WiseTrace comprehensively addresses key supply chain operations essential for the seamless movement of assets from production to the end consumer. Explore our whitepapers to delve into critical asset control, fleet management, warehouse inventory, and monitoring services enhancing worker safety and productivity.


Loss prevention and cost control

Improved safety

Increased service quality

Dependency reduction

Increased scalability and monitoring efficiency

Improved operating consoles and more user interface customization

Incorporation of assistants that help in the use of the system

Multi-tenant capabilities and customizable multi-user access

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