We seek quality and excellence for our clients


Quality in our processes is one of our priorities.

We strive for excellence and this is reflected in our certifications:

  • ISO 9001 Certified in the organization’s Quality System.
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certificate
  • ISO 33000/12207 Certified in Level 3 Software Life Cycle Process Maturity.
  • ISO 20000 Certified in the Information Technology Service Management System.
  • ISO 27001 Certified in the Information Security Management System.
  • ENS Certificate of Conformity with the National Security Scheme

As a company committed to Quality, Quental also has the following policies and plans:

Our environmental performance is again reflected in our 2023 data. We have achieved a 46% reduction in electricity consumption compared to 2022. In addition, we reduced CO2 emissions from the generation of electricity consumed by 48% compared to 2022. This is mainly due to the change of office to the Emperador Tower, where the electricity supply comes from 100% renewable energies.

Continuing with our annual plan, in 2024 we have set ourselves the goal of continuing with zero consumption of plastics in our office and the reduction of electricity consumption, since it is a very positive data for the environment due to GHG emissions, in addition to the high cost of the commercialization of electricity, caused by the successive crises due to the war conflicts that still persist. From Quental, we encourage our employees to reduce the use of plastics and paper, especially when printing documents. Only what is strictly necessary

Once again this year, we continue to carry out a series of actions aimed at respecting and caring for the environment and complying with current environmental legislation. In order to achieve this objective we work together, being aware of the consequences of an attitude that does not respect the environment. With our effort and collaboration we will be able to develop an activity aimed at reducing pollution and protecting the Planet.

Furthermore, at QUENTAL we carry out a series of actions aimed at respecting and caring for the environment and complying with current environmental legislation. However, these actions must also be carried out by our customers and suppliers with environmental impact. In order to continue achieving our environmental objectives, not only in the company, but also in our homes, now that we are teleworking. We are aware of the responsible use of the resources at our disposal. And we remember the rule of the three “R’s” (REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE). To this end, we make public our environmental requirements, which our suppliers must comply with as far as possible and which will be taken into account in our annual evaluation.

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